The Little Cottage
The Little Cottage

A house bed can represent a hiding place full of secrets, a den and a place to assert one’s independence, in short, a real refuge of wonders.
The structure, all in solid wood, is defined and cared for down to the smallest detail: doors and windows, some of which also have a balcony, and a red decoration follows the profile of the roof to simulate the tiles.

Bedroom composition including: structure with 1 bed (bed frame and mattress 80*160 cm, excluded), stairs with 3 drawers and 1 door with internal shelf to access the loft with play area, slide. Lighting with LED strips. Half-matt gesso coloured finish.
Wardrobe with 2 large smooth doors, 2 upper smooth curved doors, 2 doors and 2 drawers with a reed effect mounted on BLUM soft closing guides. Suspended desk with 1 drawer and open compartments. Internal equipment with shelves and hanger rods. Internal lighting with LED strips. Half-matt gesso coloured finish.

Available accessories: bed frame, mattress, small table, little chairs, carpet, stool and decorative wall printed panels.

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