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General information

Can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Yes. You can unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.


Do you charge the project?

Generally the realization of 2D technical drawings with Autocad is included if it is a standard Tiferno Mobili item or with slight modifications. Design is also included for non-standard items of medium difficulty.

If the size of the project is very complex or if 3D Rendering is required, the service is separate and to be estimated.

Order management

How can I be sure that I have placed an order correctly?

You must send the order request with the list and the code of the articles to the email address info@tiferno.it.
Below, we will send an e-mail with the Tiferno Mobili Order Confirmation containing the summary of the articles, the commercial conditions and the delivery terms.

Product customization

Are the articles that I don't see on the website, but that are in the paper catalogs, still feasible?

Yes. Being an artisan production, it is also possible to make items that are not visible on the website, but which refer to our catalogs of previous editions.

Can articles be made from other photos or from customer ideas?

Yes. Being an artisan production, it is also possible to create non-standard items that are inspired by photographs, drawings or renderings in the customer's possession.
In this case, before starting production, we will make our technical drawing to be sent to you for measurement control and final confirmation.

Is it possible to customize the color of the wood?

Yes. All the furniture visible in the catalog, whatever their finish, are available in walnut, cherry and natural colors. Depending on the finish chosen, delivery times may vary.

Discover all the finishes available »

Is it possible to customize the furniture with sample colors?

Yes. The furniture in the catalog can be made with "sample" colors supplied by the customer whether it is a wood finish or other finishes.

Is it possible to customize the color of an already colored piece of furniture?

Yes. Every piece of furniture, whatever the finish proposed in the catalog, can be made in the "gesso color" finish in eight standard colors visible on our color samples: ivory, face powder, ocher, light green, burgundy red, blue, dark green, green water.

Is it possible to customize the color of the decoration?

Each decorated piece of furniture can be changed, on customer's request, by the color of the background and the decoration itself by sending a color sample of your choice or by indicating the color of another piece of furniture in our collection or of a decoration already present in the catalog.

Is it possible to decorate a piece of furniture that is not standard?

Yes. It is possible to decorate every piece of furniture in the catalog in each of the three wood finishes (walnut - cherry - natural), by choosing the type of decoration and the color on one of the many Tiferno decorated products, naturally adapted with the necessary adjustments.

It is also possible to decorate a piece of furniture in the catalog in the "colored pinstripe" version. The type of decoration can be chosen from the many decorated products offered by the Tiferno collection and adapted with the necessary adjustments.

It is also possible to change the type of decoration to an already decorated piece of furniture. Also in this case the design can be chosen within the Tiferno collection and readapted with the necessary adjustments. In all cases, the feasibility of the request will be verified from time to time by the decoration laboratory.

Is it possible to order marble tops other than those proposed in the catalog?

Yes. The marble tops are as follows: Bianco Carrara, Rosa Perlino, Rosa Portugal. For different marbles, availability must be checked from time to time. All can be worked on request, with the "owl beak" edge. Each marble can be supplied glossy or opaque.

Transport and assembly

In which cases is shipping included / excluded?

Shipping is included only for shipments in national territory and with a net order greater than € 500.00; for a lower net order, a charge of € 40.00 is requested as a transport contribution.

Shipping is excluded for all international shipments in the European Union and outside the EU: according to Incoterms regulations, transport is Ex-Works, that is, fully organized and charged to the customer.

It is however possible to organize shipments in the EU and non-EU: in this case the costs must be included in the estimate.

How are the products delivered?

The delivery takes place through one of our trusted forwarders at your home (the one left when ordering) and at the foot of the sidewalk.
You will always be contacted by our back-office before each delivery to define the time and day based on your needs in the case of shipments to national territories.

In the case of international shipments, the transport is Ex-Works, that is, fully organized and charged to the customer. In this case Tiferno Mobili will be contacted directly by the courier responsible for collecting the goods to agree on the date / time of the load.

What are the delivery times of the goods in order?

Following the order request sent to Tiferno and according to the finish chosen by the customer, delivery times for Italy are:
20/25 days for catalog goods in walnut finish
40/45 days for catalog goods in cherry / natural finish
40/45 days for catalog goods in decorated colored pinstripe finish
60/70 days for special furniture

Do you take measurements and assembly?

Yes we also carry out the measurements and the assembly of the goods at the end customer house; these are services excluded from the supply of the goods and to be estimated separately.

Packing and Packaging

How is the packaging of the goods made?

To prevent furniture from being damaged during transport, Tiferno pays close attention to the packaging.

Each piece of furniture is covered with one or more layers of air-ball.
Cardboard protections are placed on the corners and along all the angular surfaces. The boxes are made of resistant 7 mm cardboard, suitable for transport. The marble tops are packed in special wooden crates that prevent them from breaking.

Imballaggio mobili con air-ball

Packaging with one or more layers of air-ball

Paracolpi e paraspigoli in cartone per un corretto trasporto dei mobili

Cardboard protections on the corners

Scatoloni in resistente cartone 7mm

Boxes in resistant cardboard 7mm

Piani in marco in casse di legno

Marble tops shipped in wooden cases

What should I do if the cabinet is slightly scratched?

Our furniture, due to the type of workmanship and finish, does not fear time; nevertheless some damage occurred with the use, we are able to promptly provide you with a touch-up and small restoration set, to be used by telephone indication of one of our finishes department.