Tiferno Mobili thus offers a vast collection of furniture divided by styles and cultural references, capable of capturing the sentimental dimension of history, fixing it forever in the highly passionate personalities of its pieces.

Cucina in stile classico bianco perla con penisola e tavolo centrale


Furniture collections with a wide stylistic range, in which the historical artisan tradition and an unprecedented evolution for taste come together. Authentic Italian furniture that arouses and spreads a warm domesticity, in which man moves as if immersed in an atmosphere of vibrant trust.

Cameretta bambino in stile nautico 'The Little Sailor'


Furnish according to your personality and sensitivity. A measured balance between the different components of the furniture, in which shapes, materials and colors connote the furnishings and compositions by binding them through the subtle and fascinating thread of classicism.

Cabina armadio in stile classico con mobili bianco perla


An artisan wisdom handed down over time rediscovering the ancient production heritage of furniture, rethinking it and transforming it again to adapt to the needs of our time, however trying to keep the ancient and artisan production processes alive.

Arredo bagno padronale con mobili in stile industriale legno e nero

Elegance, Style and Harmony

Classic custom-made furniture that furnish and enhance each room.

Each house, shop, hotel or company has its own unique and distinctive style in the shapes and colors of the furnishings.

Tiferno Mobili has been designing and furnishing every type of room for over 40 years, adapting to customer requests and creating unique works of their kind. From the carving of the wood, to the particular shapes of the furniture, from the hand-made decorations to the polishing, every detail highlights the beauty and uniqueness of the classic Italian style.

Trucioli lavorazione legno Decori a pennello su legno

Our excellences


Tiferno Mobili offers a vast collection of furniture, divided by styles and cultural references, capable of capturing the sentimental dimension of history, fixing it forever in the highly passionate personality of its pieces.


Each creation of the Tiferno Mobili collections can be modeled according to the different needs and tastes in terms of shapes, colors and decorations; each piece thus becomes absolutely unique. We furnish according to the personality and sensitivity of our customers.


All items can be embellished with hand painted decoration and thus become unique pieces of considerable artistic value. The hand painted decoration, adapted from time to time to the volumes of the creations themselves, is rigorously done by hand by certified master decorators.


Classic lines of timeless elegance decorate the space giving rise to customized design solutions, capable of expressing the individuality and personality of those who live them. Engaging and suggestive atmospheres characterized by stylistic and aesthetic continuity.