Tiferno Mobili, a name that holds decades of history and tradition

Trucioli intaglio legno fatto artigianalmente


Tiferno Mobili was founded in Città di Castello by Giulio Chiarioni and the company takes its name from the Latin name of the city, Tifernum, which arose in Roman times in the northernmost part of Umbria, on the border with Tuscany.
In the historical center of the city there are at the time numerous small artisan shops that carry on the Umbrian cabinet-making tradition.

It is in this context that the family passion for the pursuit of beauty brings Giulio a happy intuition: to collect the creations of the many local carpenters, initially furnishing accessories and small furniture, to propose them in a more organized and reasoned way to the shops and dealers starting from the nearest areas until expanding over the northern part of Italy.


The unexpected success and the good results obtained over the years, lead Giulio Chiarioni to another important step: the first exhibition at Macef in Milan, where classic furniture and "contry style" furniture, right from the ancient Umbrian-Tuscan tradition, immediately met with great interest.

This is the first important turning point, during the event, the first important domestic and foreign customers are acquired, especially from Japan, and commercial contacts in general are expanded.

Armadietto basso in legno
Armadio in legno per bagno con lavandino


The continuous search for novelties and new products, brings Tiferno Mobili to the second important turning point: the creation of the Aquitania bathroom furniture line, that reinterprets the history and tradition of Umbro-Tuscan furniture while adding modernity and functionality, making them suitable for any environment.

The new catalog is presented at Cersaie in Bologna and is still a success.


A new collection is conceived, designed and created thanks to the wise guidance of his wife Susetta Barrese Chiarioni, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia.

The peculiarity of the new products is the precious handmade decoration, which makes each piece of furniture an absolutely unique piece of considerable artistic value. The new line finds its ideal showcase in the catalog named Occidente.

Mobile in legno decorato a mano da Susetta Barrese Chiarioni
Camera da letto collezione Cantile Ligneo in legno avorio


This is the year in which the Cantico Ligneocatalog is created, which with its structuring becomes another important work tool and a new confirmation of the Company's ability to constantly expand and renew its products. This also allows the organization of the first real sales network spread all over the national and foreign territory.

The first important customers from Russia and other Eastern European countries begin to appear.


With the arrival of the new millennium, the sons Gregorio and Filippo enter the company and with their contribution of enthusiasm and new ideas, they give Tiferno Mobili a wider and further furnishing proposal.

The new project called Lirica is born, a program of equipped walls, modular walls and bookcases.

Classic walls represent a type of practical and functional furniture. They are made with one or more modular furniture that allows you to create the most suitable solution for your living room.

Parete attrezzata componibile in legno
Cucina personalizzata in legno bianca realizzata completamente su misura


In this period, Amabile, the collection of classic modular kitchens by Tiferno Mobili, was designed and created.

The line offers customized options, a perfect solution for those who decide to furnish the kitchen in an elegant and functional way.


The catalog Dinastie for interior doors is created.

A collection dedicated to lovers of classic contemporary style.
Wooden doors with classic proportions with hand-painted finish and decorations, warm and intense colors. Ideal for environments with a refined taste, where style and elegance blend harmoniously.

Porta in legno massello
Divani in legno con fodera pregiata, libreria a muro e pavimento in legno reaizzato a mano


Domus Lignea, the high quality wooden flooring project, is the new challenge that the company takes on and manages to develop successfully.

Parquets, made with precious inlays, stratified planks complete the proposal of Tiferno Mobili.


In these years the daughter Giulia joins the company.

In the meantime, Tiferno Mobili feels the need to create new products that, especially for the foreign market, are able to satisfy the new needs of the customers. Thus Uptown Living was created, a project that develops a global furnishing solution that embraces all the rooms in the house: kitchen, living room, bathroom, parquet, interior doors and walk-in closet, bedroom.

Reproposing some English classic styles, the Uptown Living line re-elaborates it by fusing it with artistic elements typical of the Umbrian tradition and with unique personalizations made by decorators.

Cabina armadio in stile classico bianco
Mobile da ingresso decorato a mano


Armonie is born, a new collection of hall furniture, living rooms and furnishing accessories with classic styles that are enhanced by the decoration.

Adapted from time to time to the volumes of the creations themselves and rigorously done by hand, the decoration of our master craftsmen intervenes to enliven the shapes of the products with colors, shades and brushstrokes, signs of their free artistic interpretation.