Modular boiserie
COMP. 3426
Modular boiserie with plain panels framed with protruding columns with pilasters and carved capital. Doors with ledge with a shaped frame with plain panels. Drawers with ledge with plain front.
Composition: a column, two doors with carved frieze covered with gold leaf. A column, panel with double plain paneling, side for bookcase with a column; six shelves for books, a panel with box and closing column.
Top with protruding shaped cornice. Wax-aged light walnut tint finish given by hand.
A precious and unique piece of furniture to furnish your home with a refined and elegant style.

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Other characteristics

Structure: in solid national walnut, 23 mm thick.
Door frame
Door frame with ledge: in solid national walnut 30 x70 mm thick with with overmounting cornices.
Plain door panel
Plain door panel: solid Italian walnut 14 mm thick.
Drawer front
Drawer front: plain with ledge, 19 mm thick solid walnut
Drawer's sides and bottom
Sides and drawer bottom panel: in solid national walnut, 14 mm thick and dovetail joints diamond-cut bottom
Drawer runner
Drawer runners: full extension blumotion with soft closing.
Bottom panel
Bottom: 19 mm thick solid national walnut panel
Back panels
Back: panel in solid old chestnut 14 mm thick
Internal shelf
Shelf: panel in solid national walnut, 23 mm thick.

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