Sandra // "COUNTRY HOUSE" Atmosphere

December is upon us. Domestic warmth warms our ever colder days as they prepare for the magic of Christmas.

The country house style, welcoming and with an ancient charm, envelops us in the quiet of the rustic.

Wood, in dark shades combined with checkered fabrics, is the main protagonist, perfect for recreating the atmosphere of old Italian farmhouses.

The kitchen is one of the most important environments in the interiors of country houses because it is here that the most convivial moments of the day are concentrated.

Sandra is a dining room made of old spruce.

Beautiful are the decorative elements such as the traditional HANGING FRAME that holds the copper pots hanging on the wrought iron hooks https://en.tiferno.it/products/p391-hanging-frame-for-hanging-pans.php

Four-door SIDEBOARD with upper section is excellent for storing utensils and displaying old family dishes, precious glasses, and ceramics in the visible part of the glass doors https://en.tiferno.it/products/p406-four-door-sideboard-with-upper-section.php

The BENCH together with the long TABLE recall the conviviality of the family https://en.tiferno.it/products/p420-bench-with-back.php

A particular note for the ARMCHAIR with hand-woven rush seat https://en.tiferno.it/products/p426-armchair-with-rush-seat.php

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by Sara Lauri © 2020 Tiferno Mobili