Not to be considered simply a Walk-in Closet

Order, composure, chromaticity, the possibility of use: these are the keywords of those who choose to experience the atmosphere of the walk-in closet.

Everything is always at hand and in absolute order because each module is designed to store every single object in an organized way.

The personalized arrangement of the modules favors the combination of clothes and everything is displayed with care, composure, and regularity. For the most demanding, a chromatic organization, as well as seasonal clothing, is also possible.

Walk-in wardrobes are the dressing rooms par excellence and allow us to use an entire room as a wardrobe, focusing on the clothing showcase or simply on their storage.

A personal boutique takes shape, a place of pleasure in which to keep our own treasures.

A symbol of luxury, the walk-in closets are a combination of need and desire; they are real rooms that combine the functions of wardrobe and dressing room, acting as a separé to ensure the right comfort and privacy.

It adds value and luxury to the home, especially if adorned with showy seats and precious crystal chandeliers.

Luxury walk-in closet

Functional and prestigious composition


Everything finds its place in the large custom-made walk-in closets, producing a sense of serenity in choosing clothing.

Modular and customizable, they give the possibility to create personal and extremely functional solutions according to personal needs.


Equipped with every type of internal accessory, all the walls can be exploited in their extension with boiserie, shelves and drawers, combining them as desired.

The glass doors and drawer fronts are perfect for presenting clothes in all their beauty.

Mirrors are another key component to reflect light and enhance your outfit.

It is the details that make the difference, that give character to the environment. Mirrors, sofas, day beds, ottomans, rugs and any other furnishing accessory that can maximize comfort and accentuate the luxury make the walk-in closet a real space to relax.


The atmosphere is given by the lighting, which is essential for choosing the best clothes using appropriate LED lights to illuminate each individual module. Spotlights, applique recessed in the false ceiling, lamps incorporated in the structure of the cabin and oriented towards specific points, create a great effect of light and shadow effects.


In the center, the space is often occupied by a chest of drawers, equipped on all sides.

Usually in a corner, the toilet completes the furniture: a vanity area given by the make-up console with mirror and a precious chair.

Regency | the Queen of cabins

Royal luxury design


Designed to surprise and fascinate, every detail shines like a precious gem.

Its refinement strikes and excites because it symbolizes the absolute nobility of luxury design.


Regal and majestic, dressing in this classically styled room is a real pleasure.

A modern quality functionality that fascinates: a real prestigious furnishing project.

With clothes rails, shelves and trouser racks, every garment can be stored properly. Drawers, tie racks, storage trays, drawers for emptying pockets and containers allow you to always have everything arranged in order.

The showroom style allows you to organically contain and display every type of garment and accessory: shoes, bags, clutches, hats, gloves, scarves, ties, bow ties find the right place and have excellent visibility.

Your private Atelier

A Made in Italy luxury project


Destined to exceed all your expectations, the Regency style walk-in closet is ideal in homes furnished in a classic style with the use of elegant elements and finishes that are in perfect balance with each other.

The use of precious woods, boiseires with grooves, mirrors with carved frames, precious glass, create a refined and refined scenography.


In antiqued ivory lacquered finish, this walk-in closet with boiseries, loved for its versatility and elegance, enhances the prestigious environments where it is placed with its richness.


The arrangement of shaped and carved frames, columns with pilasters and carved capitals, niche elements, semi-curved toilet with drawer, open compartment with LED lighting, removable trouser holder, front panel with glass for shirts, give to the space a unique features.


Produced in Italy with high-quality materials and complex carpentry procedures, the Regency walk-in closet is ready to satisfy the most refined desires.

Versatility and Harmony

Custom design solutions


The study of space is an opportunity not only to create a walk-in closet for storing clothes and objects in an elegant and functional way, but above all it gives rise to customized projects, capable of expressing the individuality and personality of those who live there.


In the Tiferno Mobili company, the designer and the architect collaborate to model all the structural parts, positioning the modules, the lights and checking all the technical details to create the right balance for the entire composition.

Made by highly experienced craftsmen, everything is designed for an aesthetic and functional result that fits perfectly into the context of the home.


A "choral work" by a team of experts, in which ideas are developed and created to meet the evolutions of everyday life and give shape to enchanting luxury furnishings.


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by Sara Lauri © 2021 Tiferno Mobili s.r.l.